Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Coaching System

    Coaching Experience

   Over the last year I have gained a lot of experience coaching, helped dozens of poker players all over the world and really enjoyed it! Teach the game you love and help your student to reach that next level is something priceless.
  Unfortunately I also noticed that most of those players, and the ones more in need of help, are at the beginning level and thus have a small bankroll. Facing that, I have decided to decrease the time of each session so I can also decrease the price of each one of those sessions.

 So what do I offer?

-1 on 1 sessions on Skype with the student where I do watch the student play or watch with him a previously recorded video of a session he played;
-We can also have sessions analyzing marked hands, usually the troublesome ones;
-I do spend at least half an hour per day answering questions via Skype for the students I'm currently working with;
-For now I'm also offering a new format (cheaper option) where I do watch a recorded session send to me by the student and add my comments on his video.

 All sessions are recorded, and whenever I see fit I'll also give the student some extra material in the form of my own notes and charts of various strategic topics that I have developed over the years.

For limits up to nl25:
-50 usd for 1 on 1 session of 50 min;
-70 usd for 1on1 session of 80 min;
-35 usd for my comments on your video. The videos should be no longer than 30 min.

 Right now I'm focusing only on coaching microstakes players.
 The payment can be done through paypal, skrill or neteller. If you are Brazilian I also accept bank transference to Banco do Brasil.
 For more information about the sessions or the payment you can send me an e-mail at

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