Monday, 9 February 2015

Dancing on the Asphalt


    I think those among you who know me longer know that I like to dance, ballroom dancing, latelly hvent done that as much as I do like to, but still do some steps from time to time. Most of you probably lso know that I'm brazilians and that carnival is a big deal in Brazil, so right now I'm mixing both things and I'm involved on a carnival choreography.
    Since the carnival parade happens on the  asphalt, also we started to practice dancing on the asphalt. Man it is hard to dance on any place but an apropriate dance floor but on the aspahlt? It is beyong belive! I could not turn, I could not twist, I coldent barely stay on my foot! When I was pratically giving up I started to actually learn how to dance on the asphalt, it is now the same thing, some old tricks I just cant apply, lots of pretty movies had to be sacrificed in favor of those that actually work. Essentially it is possible to dance on the asphalt we just need to adapt and face that we are unable to dance as well as on a proper dance floor.
   Another funny thing that happened, and the reason why I decided to write about this, is that invariable I ended up dancing on a proper dancing floor again, that was one of those OMG moments, dance never ever looked so easy, essencially was like the ground itself was turning it for me.

  Playing Poker

   Ok, so what all this dancing stuff has to do with poker? Well I think that we can directly correlate how proper a floor is to ballroom dancing with stake levels. When we play at higher stakes than we used to looks like some plays arent working anymore, or maybe we are just getting cold 4b bluff more often! In any case we can expect our winrate to decrease, the number and caliber of quality oponents is just higher, we are essencially dancing on the asphalt. The other day I made a video playing stakes much lower than I usually play, and the games never ever looked so easy, looked like poeple arent just making any moves and all their plays where obvios, I just get a much better ground to dance, or a poker game without skilled players! 
   When we play at higher stakes we get better, if we try to get the sae results we usually get, and also when we go down the games will always be much easyer than at our current stake level. In essence what I'm trying to say is that try to play at higher stakes with some short of controled shot can be really beneficial to your game, and also if you are not feeling particularly good about your game right now go ahead and just drop a few stake levels, you will feel much better about your own game.

   Hope that helped you guys.

  Best regards,

  Willian "KhalDragon" Mates