Monday, 15 December 2014

Some Live Events!

  PokerStars Party

  Actually it is a very delaied post. On the last month I attended to a live club party from PokerStars hosted in São Paulo - Brazil. I went to the party with my gf and thoghter we had a lot of fun in there. Good drinks, decet food and really nice entertainement, like been welcomed by circus artist, see a magician show face to face with him on a private room, and also of course chat a lot with other poker players.
Three team online pro members of poker stars team also atended the party, brazilian pros Caio Pesagno and André Akkari, also present was argentinian member Celeste Orona. All three were very charismatic, with the brazillians been the biggest hosters, Celest is/was still a new comer to the team and looked a little shy, but I really liked to chat with her, and that was very special to me since it was the first time I talked with someone that I face on a daily basis at the tables.


 Live Tourney

 This month I decided to play some locel live events. Plaied one tournament, a 5k granted one, with around 50 entries. The field was hilarious to be honest I think I never heard so many ridiculous thoughts about on line poker and poker in general than on this event. 
Some or the guys thoughts realy entertained me, things like "the guys who win have a blessed account", "some hnads win more often than others on stars" or, my favorite, "with your luck I would already be a milionary", where comum to hear. This suposed future poker millionary guy is a massive fish and I'm sure that he honestly thinks he is good at this game, he certaly has a deeper conection with the cards since he is able to call 3bets oop with 74o routinely.
One great thing about live events is that it kind of motivate me to continue on this journey since it becomes obvious how live fishs can be huge and so abundant.
In the ed I made the final table and finished in 3rd for a nice prize.

 Interestig enough is that most of the guys who reach the FT where actually somekind of locel regs. Those guys are no poker pros but some of them have made a significant amount of FTs (and money), their style is something like 30/10 which is far from optimal but for sure a winner at games where the majority of the players are playing over 40% of all hands.


  This month I'll defend my disertation on logistics, and since it is consuming so much of my time I'll be playing mostly nl25 nd nl50 since I supose that playing those games I'll be somewhat fine with the usuall stress tht poker can cause to the pros. Something good is that I'm getting more in tune with the games that lots of my students play, and have started producing some material at bluefirepoker with the nl25-nl50 players in mind.

Best Luck at the tables,

Willian "KhalDragon" Mates


BlackRain79 said...

Nice! Looks like a great time!

Willian Mates said...

It really was! Poker can indeed provide a lot of fun stuff for those who have the endurance to surpass all its chalenges.

Dany Picas said...

Very good blog .

You can add me to your list of blogs? thank you, GL