Sunday, 24 August 2014

Crushed At Mid Stakes, Obliterating Small Stakes

  August so Far...

  Yeap, I'm having a very bad month, actually played two sessions of 2-4 and 3-6 in which I just lost every single hand. It was almost beyond believe, like every time I tried a bluff get shoved, bet for vallue people turbo fold, have seen that before but not at the extend I saw this month, more than once and at the highest stakes I habe ever played.
  So how bad was it? Well looking at a mid stakes perspective not so terible, I was down 3k at somepoint, but have been rebuilding slowly, think I'll end the month a small loser or about break even after RB. One side note is that I retake my masters at university so plaied a very ow volume this month, less than 30k hands so far.
  What we should do when at a very bad run of cards? Yes we play lower stakes, so for the following weeks I'm saying good by to mid stakes and welcome to small stakes, well probabily will play 1-2 also, which is kind of a middle ground.

 Small Stakes are Easy!

  Well, since I started running incredible bad I decided to play some 0,5-1 and 0,25-0,5, the last one I havent plaied since last February. The good news is that I found those games incredible easy and super fun to play at!
  I dont want to be rude with people playing at this level and bellow, actually I want to motivated small and micro stakes grinders, however I have to say that at nl50 every single reg has lots of huge holes in their games. Stats like 3b 2%, fold to 3b 80%, WTSD 20%, fold to flop cbet 75%, are very comum ones, and incredible easy to exploit. But dont get me wrong, I think the guys with those stats can and will be winners, mostly because it is very easy to find a table with 2 weak players at and the vast majority of the regs are straight foward players.
  Another thing that I'm enjoying is the easy time to fill 20+ good tables to play at and also how long I can endure a session at those stakes. When I play 1-2 up to 3-6 I get tired pretty fast even playing only 10 tables or even less on average.

 Good luck at the tables and remember, if you run really bad, go down and get fun smashing lower games than the ones u are used to play!

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