Thursday, 10 July 2014

Getting Creative

    The Beggining

      As I have said in the past I'm a former warcraft 3 player, not a pro but I got some nice results on the ladder of this game and on the garena platform. Last week I plaied some StarCraft 2 since a new expnsion was released a few months ago, and much to my surprise my determination and excitement at poker increased a lot after that! For sure those real time strategy games can give a big boost to the competitiveness of nyone, and if you are already a very competitive person I simple cant control that feeling.
   After playing a little bit of starcraft 2 I remmebered of a very interesting and unique warcraft 3 player ANGRY_KOREA_MAN, that guy was not a pro, not really that talented to play what people called "micro wars" but still he was capable of beate many top players, and even get to be the top player in one of the most played servers. How he did this? The guys was just incredible creative, lots of his plays were to the point of madness, but for the most part people simple dident knew how to counter his plays!

     Creative At Poker

    But Willian what does this has to do with poker? You probabily are asking now, well it has everything to do with poker. Day in, day out I see people playing exactly the same game, with the same strategies, same bet sizes. Even if you have a well balanced strategy if you never think outside the box the odds are that your opponents can play really well against you, mostly becuse if they are regs playing at the exact same stake level as you, they probabily think pretty much like you do, so they will understant what you are trying to acomplish with a given line.
    I'm not saying, by any means that we should go out and be really crazzy, but we should try to incorpoate new plays to our repertoire and preferable thoseshould be plays that we dont see very often at the games we are playing.


      All right, so I'll give a few lines that I have used a lot in the past and that have worked really well for me. 

     The Axx Board

      I'll tell you the true, everyone cbets those way too often, so we really should be fighting for post in those boards, the question is how? A line that I like to use here a lot is check/call the flop and donk bet the turn, sometimes the river as well, usually I go pot here, why? Go back into your memory and try to remmeber when have you last seen a reg x/c flop and donk pot on the turn? Odds are you dont remember, and the reason is because no one uses this line. 

    The Overbet

    In the previous line if they start thinking and endup calling on a board that can get a little scary on the river, I usually overbet the river. Actually I overbet quite often when my opponent has shown some sign of weakness in a previous street. Why do I overbet so often? Again, try to remmeber the last time you overbet against a reg or that a reg overbet against you, hard to remember right?  More ofte than not, when a tight player ge confused, he ends up folding, true story.

    To end this post I would like to say that when you rarely see a play at your current stake level and you hapen to have sucess with it, the odds are that as long as you dont over do it, you will continue to have sucess with the play, the less often you see the line, the more sucesses you will have with it, if it is a profitable line.

    That is it for todays post, I really expect that you guys are liking it!
    Gl at the tables!



Lorant19 said...

Very interesting read. I like your thought process!!
Is there any material in particular that you read/watched that helped you take your game to this level?

Thanks! GL!

Willian Mates said...

Hey Lorant19, glad to know you liked it.
Well I studied sYou need to study and experiment in the games you are playing.ome coaches, books and videos, like I think most people do. But everything that Istudied I put a lot of effort in it, and tred to really understand the concepts. When I read a good book I usually make lots of notes and try to see how the plays aplly to the games that I play.

The Landlord said...

Sounds like good advice, thanks. Will definitely try it out.