Wednesday, 16 July 2014

First Video

  Just a quick update here, I made my first video, you can check it here.
  If I got good responses I'll keep producing more videos, I'm not a native english speaker so I'm not sure how well people will understand me, I hope it will be fine!
   Good Luck at the tables!


thales said...

nice video! i just got curious about your note taking system... do you use notetracker or do the notes by yourself?

GL man and keep going! tails_player

Willian Mates said...

Ty Thales!
I use both the PT4 notes and do my own on the PS program.

David Armitage said...

Hey Will, good stuff here keep it coming.

T9 - Agreed you need to turn your hand into a bluff here. The question is do we bet all 3 When the 4th heart comes down? Be interesting to see a Flopzilla analysis here? ;-)

QQ - love the limp repop with the non folder behind, a great line to build this pot early. On the Turn, I don't even mind another check back here, not a ton of value to be had. Would also get more lighter calls on the river maybe?

BTW ur English is very good.


Willian Mates said...

Hello Dave!

Thanks for the feedback man.
Yeah I think those two hands that you pointed out are open for discussion, on the T9s the river bet is about neutral ev in my opinion, I dont mind check back at all specially after the 4th heart ott.
The QQ hand I think can be plaied in a variety of ways, but all depend on our reads on the opponent. I havent that many reads so bet the flop and just take it down would be prefered in my oppinion.

BlackRain79 said...

Great video Willian! I really like your thought processes, outside the box plays and stack size creativity as well.

Willian Mates said...

Thanks BR! The stack size is something I learned from Paul and Natalie Ratchford. Actualy Paul has a hole series talking about it, plenty of ideas in there.