Sunday, 15 June 2014

1k+ Pot

   Just played my first 1k+ pot, take a look at the hand. Villain was very bad and agressive.


David Armitage said...
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David Armitage said...

Nice going man, you are an inspiration to all aspiring players. One question I know a lot of players struggle with: Does the larger money involved affect any of your decisions? Do you subconsciously take passive lines in situations that in a lower game you would not? Sounds like a silly question, but scared money has hindered many a players progress.

Keep up the good work!


Willian Mates said...

Hey Dave! Thanks for the cfeedback!
As for been money scared, well not really, I usually try to make a strong game plan before a session and stick with it, I'm also currently playing staked so it can make me more confident as well. In this particular hand it was easier since villain was a very poor player.