Sunday, 15 June 2014

1k+ Pot

   Just played my first 1k+ pot, take a look at the hand. Villain was very bad and agressive.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Small Stakes Regs Leaks: Cbet OOP


    The Continuation Bet

    We all have been taught to continue our pre flop agression on the flop, or make the so called "continuation bet" after a pre flop bet. Pots of gold have been promissed for those who keep their agression up, and yes agression is key to winning poker but, just a standard continuation bet may not be the wisest plan partuclarly from oop.

    The OOP Cbet

     Now a days I have lowered by a significant amount my overall cbets especially when I'm oop, why? Because this play doesnt work very well from oop. We cbet and get floated a ton, so we got a problem how to fight against floaters? Sudently we have to fire multiple barrels, face lots of flop raises, some times turn raises, and we always get the feeling that we are been outplayed. Guess what? We are been outplayed from oop, and with a losing line like cbet oop we areusually getting crushed.

    Fighting Floaters

   Ok so how do we fight against those floaters who are all over the place once we get to nl25+? We essencialy have three options:

   1) Keep cbeting a lot like we learned in the past: lots of problems here against decent players, like I said before they will raise, float and just play really well with position. With this play you shoud expect to be crushed a lot.

   2) Tighten up: That is really key to profitable play oop, dont play!! At least not with lots of marginal hands, and when you do you should also lower down your continuation bets.

   3) Firing Multiple Barrels: yes someguys still cbet a decent amount from oop and deal with it, the key here is to fire multiple barrels. We need to know against who we are playing, some guys float a lot on the flop and then just give it up if face more agression, some double float but if we bet again on the river they can tell themselves to fold. 
    About those multiple barrels it is kind of the old stuff here, bet again on a card that you can represent usually a broadway, and then bet again on the river more often than note. That is key, a lot of the times when we open let's say from the CO and get called by the BU, we cbet a board like T53 and get called, more often than not here villain will have a medium pp like 88, over cards with the BDFD, a T. If a Q/K/A lands on the turn, at small stakes, usually most villains will call again, but if we bet the river again they will fold very often.
   Another interesting spot is when the board is full of weak draws like Q96, lots of stuff wil continue on the flop with the intention of givin up later in the hand. On those boards I recoment firing the turn again when the draws brick. However, most people are raising this kind of board with gut shots a large percentage of the time, so be awere of it and be prepared to fire some light 3b or oop floats.

  4) Checking the flop: yes you should check way more often the flop when oop. Actually now a days I more often check then bet the flop when I'm oop. Of course we should not be just givin up, I like to fight for pots but not into the most obvious way, like the old auto cbet. On the boards we discussed earlier you can x/c and then donk bet the turn, sometimes following with a river bet, and we should also x/r way more often from oop. Having a decent range of flop check/raise is actually the best thing to do in order to not get crushed by the "you check I bet" strategy. So check raise, a lot.

  Good luck at the tables and happy grinding!