Monday, 5 May 2014

So, I'm finally having a blog after all!

      Hello everyone!

      After a long time people have sugested me to make a blog. I relucted, mainly because I like to make my life private, never liked to show others what I'm planning to do, how much money I'm making, or who I'm dating.
      Some people have said that I'm starting to have an interesting history in regard of poker, so I decided to write down about it, my career so far and also my plans, projects, so u can follow me.
      First and foremost I'm Brazilian, so be used to see some english mistakes.
      I'm currently playing 0,5-1 on PokerStars. Have plaied a ton of hands on nl25 and nl50, and after a very good run at nl100 this next weekend I'm looking foward to test my skills at 1-2 for the very first time!
      I'm not going to post lots of graphs on this blog, but just for the curious guys out there I'll start posting two graphs, one of the beggining of the year, playing mainly nl50 and another from this April playing almost only nl100.



     Hope u are still with me! In the next few days I'll be posting some new informations about my poker career and also some articles about strategy, mainly what I think most small stakes regs are missing.

     Best Regards,

   Willian Mates


David Armitage said...

Hey Will!

Glad to see you blogging pal, I look forward to reading some insightful content and some more slick graphs : )

Willian Mates said...

Hey Dave,

You will see, I'm thinking about two posts per week. More about this on my next post!

Paul Ratchford said...

Good work. I look forward to some awesome blog posts!


BlackRain79 said...

Nice to see that you have started a blog Willian! I will be reading, all the best with it :)

Willian Mates said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll try to put in some of my results, hands and my "strategies" :)