Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I'm Back and...Bluffing Weak Players!!

    Hello fellow grinders! Sorry for have been away, I just got a lot of stuff going on right now, but I'll  definitely keep things going on here.
     As I talked about in a previous post I wanna show some bluffing opportunities to use against weak players. Usually those comming from the micros are used to the say "dont bluff weak players". What I'll try to do here is kind of a quick guide on: Who, When and How to bluff.

   Who to Bluff

   First and foremost who are we bluffing? Certainly not the 80/60 maniac, or the clueless 70/20 with 50% WTSD, actually WTSD is key here. Overall if the guy has a low WTSD he is a good target to bluff and his VPIP doenst actually matter that much, I have seen guys playing about 60% of the hands pre flop and fold on over 60% of flops, not that comum but you will find those guys.
  So if the guy is just throwing chips around the table it is not a good a idea to bluff him, but if he is the type who likes to see flops and try to hit something, then we might consider bluff him on some good spots.

  When to Bluff

   Usually the earlier in the session the better to bluff, people tilt, get anxious, specially after losing a big pot, and fish are are particularly susceptible to tilt. So if a fish just lost a big pot, either at show down or folding on a big pot, please dont try to bluff him.
  You should also not try to bluff a fish over and over again, well some guys have kind of a discipline, the truth is that they are actually more like a very bad reg then a random recreational player. Against total recreational players you should not be doing a lot of bluffs in a short sucession of hands.

  How to Bluff

   Yeah you waited for it! The fun part begins! 
   I'll try to describe a few lines that I have seen that work more often, and since I dont want it to be too long I'll only talk about river bluffs, considering the lines most often used by fish.

   The Turn and River Small Bets

  An exemple, let's say hero has any two cards and the board runs like Td8d2c5cKs. Hero is IP and decided not to cbet the flop, on the turn the fish villain made a small bet, something around 1/4 pot, hero calls, and on the river fish again bets 1/4 pot. Here in my experience if hero makes a sizeble raise, about pot, villain will fold over 80% of the time. When a fish takes this like of small bet on turn and river, he usually dont have anything decent. 
 A few notes: if the board gets really scary with lots of midle cards on it, or multiple draws come in, the spots turn horrible to bluff, on an A high board it usually works less often too.

   The OOP Float

   We all have donne that, we cbet the flop IP, fish calls, turn goes x/x, fish bets and we fold. What if we raise the river bet? When done in the right situation this play works really well. The right situation would be something like you have a guy who has a high VPIP (40%), low fold to flop bet (30%), high river bet frequency (50%), and somewhat high fold to river bet (50%). When those criteria match and the board isent really all that scary, like draws brick on the river, if the fish bets something like 1/4 to 1/2 pot a raise here will take the pot down super often. As for size make it something like his bet plus what was in the pot before his bet, this way you will need it to suceed 50% of the time to break even and it will suceed way more often than that.
    This line works well both in raised pots as well as in 3b pots, actually I have noticed that it usually works even better at 3b pots., in which case the river raise will more often than not be a shove, yes you will need some extra courage to fire those!

   Call, Call, Chek on wet Boards

   Lets say we have some kind of draw like an oesd. We bet the flop and get called, bet the turn and he calls again, if the river bricks it is an excellent oportunity to go for a third barrel. We need to talk about what we are making the villain fold out here, it is usually non pair hands, draws mostly, that beat us at the showdown. If we wanna fold busted draws then a small bet is enought, I like to make it about 1/3 pot, sometimes even 1/4. The price you get on the bluff is great and against a guy full of busted draws that has a tendency to fold at least some percentage of the time by the river this river bluff will be quite profitable.

   Final Thoughts

   Yes we can, and if we want to improve our winrate we should bluff some kind of fish, just dont go overboard with it and simple look for spots to do so, those are in the kind of plays that can quickly go from profitable to spew. Just the next time you are in a hand without a pair consider those bluffing lines as a valid option.

   Good luck at the tables,

   Willian "KhalDragon" Mates.



BlackRain79 said...

Good stuff Willian. Bluffing fish is something that I definitely do not do enough of. Thanks for this article!

Willian Mates said...

Good you liked it Nathan. As the games get tough we need to look to every edge we can get :)