Tuesday, 13 May 2014

1-2 and Live Poker


     I had my first 1-2 session! I made it at a weekend, always a good idea to move up at weekends, and it felt really good. I found a decent amount of games as expected and regs play pretty much as they do at 0,5-1, found a few super nova elite (SNE) players, they are for sure sick grinders and a guy which a vip status this high pretty much always will have a deep understand of the game.

     That is the graph of this first session, pretty small I know, and also mixed with 0,5-1 games. Overall I like the shape and specially the fact that I still can have a positive blue line AND a positive (or at least break even) red line, that is key.


     For now I'll keep playing my regular game and see how it can perform at this new level.


   I played a live tournament yesterday. Not something that I plan to do on a regular basis, but definitely will do once in a while. 
   To be honest I was kind of surprised with the quality of some players, overall the player pool has a very poor understanting of the game, but at least two guys knew what they were doing, and that my frineds to a live enviroment is huge. It was very small, only 16 players, but 3 decent players in a field of 16 is something that draws attention, the majority of the players felt somewhere between fish and wanna be reg, but at least 4 players were really awfull.
   I always have fun when I play live, people like to discuss strategy, openly talk about their thoughts and the lines they like to use on each spot. I found those pieces of information incredibly usefull, not only in a particular live session, but also ,and even of more relevancy, as a way to better understand the thought process of some fish. That is something that hugely contributed to incress my profit at poker, this desire to better understand how fish think, why they play this game, why they use certain lines. Try to better understand fish and you will fry them like never before...

   Never Bluff The Fish

   We all know that, fish cant be bluffed. Is that true? Is it always -ev to try to bluff fish? I'll try to discuss this in deep on my next post, for now I'll let an interesting hand that I played recently.



Kevin Newton said...

Nice mate congratulations, just read your interview and was wondering if your still playing full ring at these stakes :) Thanks mate all the best.

Lorant19 said...

Very nice blog. Impressed with your results. Keep it up and good luck to you.

q: how many tables do you play? thanks

Willian Mates said...


Yes I keep playing only FR. There is a good volume even at 1-2 and I take a look at high stakes games from time to time, and usually I can find a 10-20 game running, so no reason to change something that is working.

Willian Mates said...


Thanks for the feedback. I have plaied as many as 24 table in the past, but slowly reduced the numer. Now my focus is on getting the best quality game (with the biggest fish and also having position whennever possible).
Now a days I try to play at most 8 tables, some times I play as low as 4 tables, particularly if there is a huge maniac at one of them. Maximum focus at the most profitable tables is key to a long term high winrate.

Lorant19 said...

Thanks for your response. From the fact that you play only a few tables and the look of you healty redline, I'm guessing you play a pretty LAG/ style. Am I wrong? And if not how low of a stake do you think you can profitably play LAG at? 10NL?

Thanks again and keep the blog post comming :D!

Willian Mates said...

Hey Lorant,

I play even a little bit more tight because games are more agressive as we move up stakes. Playing less tables you can pay more attention, take more and better notes, and also make better plans, which ultimately will help your red line.
I think that overall for 100bb poker tight is right, have said that, what will make you play tight or loose are your own opponents not your stake level. Actually I think that at the micros we can easilly still more, make more light 3b and also steal more post flop, since people dont defend often enough and overall play a very fit or fold oriented strategy.

Vinícius Gonçalves said...

Hey Willian,

What poker rooms/sites do you play in?
(Where there is more fish? haha)

Valeu parceiro, abraco :)

Willian Mates said...

Hello Vinicius,

I have always played on stars so dont know which site is the best one, but PS has a great software, overall service and there is a lot of games, easy to find good ones.

Que bom que gostou!