Monday, 15 December 2014

Some Live Events!

  PokerStars Party

  Actually it is a very delaied post. On the last month I attended to a live club party from PokerStars hosted in São Paulo - Brazil. I went to the party with my gf and thoghter we had a lot of fun in there. Good drinks, decet food and really nice entertainement, like been welcomed by circus artist, see a magician show face to face with him on a private room, and also of course chat a lot with other poker players.
Three team online pro members of poker stars team also atended the party, brazilian pros Caio Pesagno and André Akkari, also present was argentinian member Celeste Orona. All three were very charismatic, with the brazillians been the biggest hosters, Celest is/was still a new comer to the team and looked a little shy, but I really liked to chat with her, and that was very special to me since it was the first time I talked with someone that I face on a daily basis at the tables.


 Live Tourney

 This month I decided to play some locel live events. Plaied one tournament, a 5k granted one, with around 50 entries. The field was hilarious to be honest I think I never heard so many ridiculous thoughts about on line poker and poker in general than on this event. 
Some or the guys thoughts realy entertained me, things like "the guys who win have a blessed account", "some hnads win more often than others on stars" or, my favorite, "with your luck I would already be a milionary", where comum to hear. This suposed future poker millionary guy is a massive fish and I'm sure that he honestly thinks he is good at this game, he certaly has a deeper conection with the cards since he is able to call 3bets oop with 74o routinely.
One great thing about live events is that it kind of motivate me to continue on this journey since it becomes obvious how live fishs can be huge and so abundant.
In the ed I made the final table and finished in 3rd for a nice prize.

 Interestig enough is that most of the guys who reach the FT where actually somekind of locel regs. Those guys are no poker pros but some of them have made a significant amount of FTs (and money), their style is something like 30/10 which is far from optimal but for sure a winner at games where the majority of the players are playing over 40% of all hands.


  This month I'll defend my disertation on logistics, and since it is consuming so much of my time I'll be playing mostly nl25 nd nl50 since I supose that playing those games I'll be somewhat fine with the usuall stress tht poker can cause to the pros. Something good is that I'm getting more in tune with the games that lots of my students play, and have started producing some material at bluefirepoker with the nl25-nl50 players in mind.

Best Luck at the tables,

Willian "KhalDragon" Mates

Monday, 1 December 2014

Learning Process

   Today I want to discuss in more detail how I started learning the game of poker and how I keep improving.

  The Beggining

When I decided to take poker seriously I started out with a book designed for begginers, that was very new (I think it was in its first year), and written by a proven winner, I think at this point it is no secret to anyone that the book was Crushing The Micro Stakes. That book doesnt pledge to turn you into a professional poker player, or to be really good at it, the author just says that taken his adviceyou will be a winner at the lowest stakes on internet. I think it is also no news that I put a lot of efford to learn everything that author was teaching.

Hard Work

What I think maybe be new to some is how much efford I have put to understand every single word the autor have written. First off I tried to put as much ranges and game plans in excel tabes as I could, made lots of extracts on word and posted hand on foruns nearly every day. Coupled with all that study I was playing as many hands as I could, experience just does matter too much on this game.
Oh posting hands in foruns, that is a subject that you probably do wrong. I have never ever posted a hand on a free open forum, like many out there, and I'm really happy I dident, any time someone showns me a hand that they posted on a very popular free forum I get surprised by the really bad quality responses. If you are posting hands at a free foruns where any breakeven or losing poker player can post a replay, please do yourself a favor and stop doing that. You need to subscribe to a serious poker school, like blue fire poker  and then post your hands. I garantee to you that all the answers you will get will be valid, those web sites only take proven winners, over large samples (I send a 300k hands graph to BPF) to their teams.
There is another very important step that I believe not many of you guys take, it is to THINK. You have read all books, made all kinds of schemes, put down a lot of hand ranges, not it is time to put it all together and think about it, how everything works. In order to made it a lot easier, not to mean feaseble, you need to start making things simple and a good way to do that is follow only ONE coach at a time. Poker trainning sites tend to have multiples coachs teaching the same game format for a reason, there are multiple ways to think about this game. You need to think a coach that you can relate to, and at least in the beggining study pretty much only his material or the ones he indicates, in poker it is very easy to lost yourself when listenning to too many voices, even today, when taking advice I take those from pretty much only two players/coachs.
Still on the coach subject, when choosing one you need to be sure the guy is really a big winner in the games he is teaching. Really sucessfull poker players tend to have a really high $/h, if the guy is charging a very low price, suspect that he really crush those games you are trying to learn.

Training Videos

Something that blows my mind is the way the regular folk watchs instructional videos. They watch tv while watching/listenning to the video, drink a beer, watch tv, talk at the phone and somehow expect to kind of passively absorve the knowledge. Man you need to listen carefully to every single word those coachs are saying! You need to make notes, the more the better, and ask questions to the coach who made the video. Trainning videos can be, and actually are, free coachig sessions, people can post their doubts right in the same page they are watching the videos and the coachs almost always answer all the questions, go ahead and make it a conversation, the more the guy talk about the subject you are havving dificults on, the better for you.
The next time you go watch a training video do yourself a favor and do following:
1) Get yourself confortable, but not too mcuh, it is not like you are resting watching tv, it is more like u are watching a presentation at the university. Focus is the key word here, listen to every word;
2) Take notes of everything that draws your attention;
3) Post those notes on the forum and ask for the coach thoughts, they usually will answer in very short time;
4) Do your home work, i.e., the coach says "most poker players are at best marginal winners with their small pocket pairs", go to your tracker and see how you are doing with this kind of hands in different spots/positions. 
5) Think about how the coach advices fit in your play style and how you can incorporate some of that in your on play, at the games you pat at.

Books Recommendations

Last as someone who has read  very large sum of poker books (30+ easily) I would like to recomend some books that in my opinion stand out:

Crushing The MicroStakes - you got this one!

Poker Math that Matters and Hole Card Confession - Both by Owen Gaines, those two give all the fundementals to star crushing it, one about the math aspects of the game and the other about hand reading.

Playing the Player - This one got me! I just had a lot of those "wtf!" momments when reading this one. If you do all the work Ed sugests on this book you will be read to play a very flexible exploitive play.

Let There be Range - For some kind of "short play book" this book is really amazing. Most important aspect is that you will start to look for so many more spots to be profibably bluffing, specially the river, after reading this one you will get the idea of how hard it is to make a strong hand in NLHE.

Exploitive NLHE - Quite new book of Paul Ratchford, it is kind of a mix of plays and what I would call "non betting" strategies, such as table selection, bankroll management. If you are more of a intermediate or even advanced player it is a no brainer buy.

Good Luck At the tables,

Willian "KhalDragon" Mates

Thursday, 27 November 2014


   Olá (futuros) sharks,

Sempre fui apaixonado por jogos, xadrez, magic, warcraft 3 e agora o poker. Essa paixão por jogos somente é equiparada pela minha paixão por ensinar, sempre estive de alguma forma ligado ao ensino e mais recentemente, como meu último emprego “normal” fui professor do curso de engenharia civil na Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

Atualmente dedico-me a grindar em especial 1-2, mas como sou coach e também gosto de por vezes fazer mass multi table (20+ mesas) chego a jogar até nl25 o que me deixa em contato com um número bastante grande de limites.

Prefiro jogar FR, mas tenho uma boa dose de experiência em SH e dou coach para ambos os formatos de cash games.

Depois de ter criado um blog e já estar fazendo videos para o mercado internacional, sou coach na BlueFirePoker com o nick KhalDragon, resolvi começar a ajudar meus compatriotas, e nada melhor do que começar no maisev.

Já que estou começando no maisev decidi fazer um preço promocional:

-Aula avulsa: R$200,00

-Pacote com 4 aulas R$720,00

-Pacote com 8 aulas R$1350,00

As aulas acontecem por Skype e/ou team viewer e tem duração de 1à 1,5h dependendo da necessidade. Para a primeira aula sempre prefiro ver o aluno jogando o que pode ser feito em tempo real ou o aluno pode me enviar um video dele jogando, eu assito e depois marcamos uma sessão onde discutimos juntos o video. 

Após a primeira aula podemos fazer mais sweat sessions, analisar mãos marcadas pelo aluno ou discutir temas específicos que o aluno apresente dificuldade. Após cada aula o aluno recebe um arquivo onde anoto os principais pontos discutidos na aula.

Adicionalmente as sessões de coach, costumo passar todos os dias pelo menos 1h no skype onde respondo questões deixadas por alunos e se estivermos on line simultâneamente em geral sou bem aberto a discussões.

Willian “KhalDragon” Mates.



    Hi everyone, long time since my last post! I wanna take the opportunity to show my new coaching program, it is as follows: 

I have always been in love with games, first was chess, then magic the gattering, warcraft III and finally poker. This passion for games is only matched by my passion in teaching, I have always been in some way linked to teching and mre recently, as my last "normal" job I worked as a teacher in the course of engineering teaching soil mechanics, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. 

Actually I'm dedicating myself to grind small stakes up to 1-2, I also enjoy mass multi table sometimes which lead me to play as low as nl25,  I think that makes me in touch with a wide variety of stakes.
I do prefer to play FR, but I do have a good amount of experience at SH too and I coach in both types of cash games.

I have decided to make some promotional prices for my blog followers:
1 session: USD$100,00

4 sessions: USD$360,00

8 sessions: USD$675,00

The sessions happen at skype (willianmates) and have a duration of 1 to 1,5h as I see fit. For the first lession I always prefer to see the student playing, which can be donne in real time, or the student can send me a video of him playing, I watch that video and later we can discuss the video togheter.

For the following sessions we can do sweat sessions, hh, or discuss specify themes that the student is presenting some dificulty. After each session the student receives a file where I point out the main points discussed in the session.

Adicionally to the coaching, I usually spend about 1h per day at skype where I answer questions from all my students, ad if we meet each other on line at the same time in general I'm really open to discussions.

Best regards,

Willian "KhalDragon" Mates

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blue Fire Poker

  I'm proud to say that I'm now offically a member of Blue Fire Poker pro team. You guys can check out my intro video here and my first video here. You need to be a member to see the full video, but I think the first two minutes are free, the school also has a 7 days free trial, so subscribe and give it a try!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Crushed At Mid Stakes, Obliterating Small Stakes

  August so Far...

  Yeap, I'm having a very bad month, actually played two sessions of 2-4 and 3-6 in which I just lost every single hand. It was almost beyond believe, like every time I tried a bluff get shoved, bet for vallue people turbo fold, have seen that before but not at the extend I saw this month, more than once and at the highest stakes I habe ever played.
  So how bad was it? Well looking at a mid stakes perspective not so terible, I was down 3k at somepoint, but have been rebuilding slowly, think I'll end the month a small loser or about break even after RB. One side note is that I retake my masters at university so plaied a very ow volume this month, less than 30k hands so far.
  What we should do when at a very bad run of cards? Yes we play lower stakes, so for the following weeks I'm saying good by to mid stakes and welcome to small stakes, well probabily will play 1-2 also, which is kind of a middle ground.

 Small Stakes are Easy!

  Well, since I started running incredible bad I decided to play some 0,5-1 and 0,25-0,5, the last one I havent plaied since last February. The good news is that I found those games incredible easy and super fun to play at!
  I dont want to be rude with people playing at this level and bellow, actually I want to motivated small and micro stakes grinders, however I have to say that at nl50 every single reg has lots of huge holes in their games. Stats like 3b 2%, fold to 3b 80%, WTSD 20%, fold to flop cbet 75%, are very comum ones, and incredible easy to exploit. But dont get me wrong, I think the guys with those stats can and will be winners, mostly because it is very easy to find a table with 2 weak players at and the vast majority of the regs are straight foward players.
  Another thing that I'm enjoying is the easy time to fill 20+ good tables to play at and also how long I can endure a session at those stakes. When I play 1-2 up to 3-6 I get tired pretty fast even playing only 10 tables or even less on average.

 Good luck at the tables and remember, if you run really bad, go down and get fun smashing lower games than the ones u are used to play!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Graph

  Hello! I just got my best month ever in poker, let's celebrate! With RB add I got about 7,5k usd, it was the third month this year that I got over 5k. With all the new studies and plays that I have made on my game afther reach 1-2 I hope I can keep increasing my monthly winnings.


  As u guys can see I'm not using the EV line, this one I'm completaly avoiding after have seen this great show where Jared Tendler and Hunter Bick talk about the mental game, and at some point they put really good arguments against the EV line.
  Another good new to anyone following me is that I'm very close to reach SN vip status, probabily ill get it in more 15 or 20 days. Since I have moved up in stakes as a new goal I'll try to got 200k VPPS this year, which will be good to grab the first millestone in the super nova program. I'm also setting myself to a new result oriented goal (I know you guys hate this!) to 10k usd a month until the end of 2014.

   That is it for now,
   Thanks for everyone who is supporting me!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

First Video

  Just a quick update here, I made my first video, you can check it here.
  If I got good responses I'll keep producing more videos, I'm not a native english speaker so I'm not sure how well people will understand me, I hope it will be fine!
   Good Luck at the tables!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Getting Creative

    The Beggining

      As I have said in the past I'm a former warcraft 3 player, not a pro but I got some nice results on the ladder of this game and on the garena platform. Last week I plaied some StarCraft 2 since a new expnsion was released a few months ago, and much to my surprise my determination and excitement at poker increased a lot after that! For sure those real time strategy games can give a big boost to the competitiveness of nyone, and if you are already a very competitive person I simple cant control that feeling.
   After playing a little bit of starcraft 2 I remmebered of a very interesting and unique warcraft 3 player ANGRY_KOREA_MAN, that guy was not a pro, not really that talented to play what people called "micro wars" but still he was capable of beate many top players, and even get to be the top player in one of the most played servers. How he did this? The guys was just incredible creative, lots of his plays were to the point of madness, but for the most part people simple dident knew how to counter his plays!

     Creative At Poker

    But Willian what does this has to do with poker? You probabily are asking now, well it has everything to do with poker. Day in, day out I see people playing exactly the same game, with the same strategies, same bet sizes. Even if you have a well balanced strategy if you never think outside the box the odds are that your opponents can play really well against you, mostly becuse if they are regs playing at the exact same stake level as you, they probabily think pretty much like you do, so they will understant what you are trying to acomplish with a given line.
    I'm not saying, by any means that we should go out and be really crazzy, but we should try to incorpoate new plays to our repertoire and preferable thoseshould be plays that we dont see very often at the games we are playing.


      All right, so I'll give a few lines that I have used a lot in the past and that have worked really well for me. 

     The Axx Board

      I'll tell you the true, everyone cbets those way too often, so we really should be fighting for post in those boards, the question is how? A line that I like to use here a lot is check/call the flop and donk bet the turn, sometimes the river as well, usually I go pot here, why? Go back into your memory and try to remmeber when have you last seen a reg x/c flop and donk pot on the turn? Odds are you dont remember, and the reason is because no one uses this line. 

    The Overbet

    In the previous line if they start thinking and endup calling on a board that can get a little scary on the river, I usually overbet the river. Actually I overbet quite often when my opponent has shown some sign of weakness in a previous street. Why do I overbet so often? Again, try to remmeber the last time you overbet against a reg or that a reg overbet against you, hard to remember right?  More ofte than not, when a tight player ge confused, he ends up folding, true story.

    To end this post I would like to say that when you rarely see a play at your current stake level and you hapen to have sucess with it, the odds are that as long as you dont over do it, you will continue to have sucess with the play, the less often you see the line, the more sucesses you will have with it, if it is a profitable line.

    That is it for todays post, I really expect that you guys are liking it!
    Gl at the tables!


Monday, 7 July 2014


    Just a quick update, here is my graph for June with hands of 0,5-1 and 1-2 games.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

1k+ Pot

   Just played my first 1k+ pot, take a look at the hand. Villain was very bad and agressive.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Small Stakes Regs Leaks: Cbet OOP


    The Continuation Bet

    We all have been taught to continue our pre flop agression on the flop, or make the so called "continuation bet" after a pre flop bet. Pots of gold have been promissed for those who keep their agression up, and yes agression is key to winning poker but, just a standard continuation bet may not be the wisest plan partuclarly from oop.

    The OOP Cbet

     Now a days I have lowered by a significant amount my overall cbets especially when I'm oop, why? Because this play doesnt work very well from oop. We cbet and get floated a ton, so we got a problem how to fight against floaters? Sudently we have to fire multiple barrels, face lots of flop raises, some times turn raises, and we always get the feeling that we are been outplayed. Guess what? We are been outplayed from oop, and with a losing line like cbet oop we areusually getting crushed.

    Fighting Floaters

   Ok so how do we fight against those floaters who are all over the place once we get to nl25+? We essencialy have three options:

   1) Keep cbeting a lot like we learned in the past: lots of problems here against decent players, like I said before they will raise, float and just play really well with position. With this play you shoud expect to be crushed a lot.

   2) Tighten up: That is really key to profitable play oop, dont play!! At least not with lots of marginal hands, and when you do you should also lower down your continuation bets.

   3) Firing Multiple Barrels: yes someguys still cbet a decent amount from oop and deal with it, the key here is to fire multiple barrels. We need to know against who we are playing, some guys float a lot on the flop and then just give it up if face more agression, some double float but if we bet again on the river they can tell themselves to fold. 
    About those multiple barrels it is kind of the old stuff here, bet again on a card that you can represent usually a broadway, and then bet again on the river more often than note. That is key, a lot of the times when we open let's say from the CO and get called by the BU, we cbet a board like T53 and get called, more often than not here villain will have a medium pp like 88, over cards with the BDFD, a T. If a Q/K/A lands on the turn, at small stakes, usually most villains will call again, but if we bet the river again they will fold very often.
   Another interesting spot is when the board is full of weak draws like Q96, lots of stuff wil continue on the flop with the intention of givin up later in the hand. On those boards I recoment firing the turn again when the draws brick. However, most people are raising this kind of board with gut shots a large percentage of the time, so be awere of it and be prepared to fire some light 3b or oop floats.

  4) Checking the flop: yes you should check way more often the flop when oop. Actually now a days I more often check then bet the flop when I'm oop. Of course we should not be just givin up, I like to fight for pots but not into the most obvious way, like the old auto cbet. On the boards we discussed earlier you can x/c and then donk bet the turn, sometimes following with a river bet, and we should also x/r way more often from oop. Having a decent range of flop check/raise is actually the best thing to do in order to not get crushed by the "you check I bet" strategy. So check raise, a lot.

  Good luck at the tables and happy grinding!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I'm Back and...Bluffing Weak Players!!

    Hello fellow grinders! Sorry for have been away, I just got a lot of stuff going on right now, but I'll  definitely keep things going on here.
     As I talked about in a previous post I wanna show some bluffing opportunities to use against weak players. Usually those comming from the micros are used to the say "dont bluff weak players". What I'll try to do here is kind of a quick guide on: Who, When and How to bluff.

   Who to Bluff

   First and foremost who are we bluffing? Certainly not the 80/60 maniac, or the clueless 70/20 with 50% WTSD, actually WTSD is key here. Overall if the guy has a low WTSD he is a good target to bluff and his VPIP doenst actually matter that much, I have seen guys playing about 60% of the hands pre flop and fold on over 60% of flops, not that comum but you will find those guys.
  So if the guy is just throwing chips around the table it is not a good a idea to bluff him, but if he is the type who likes to see flops and try to hit something, then we might consider bluff him on some good spots.

  When to Bluff

   Usually the earlier in the session the better to bluff, people tilt, get anxious, specially after losing a big pot, and fish are are particularly susceptible to tilt. So if a fish just lost a big pot, either at show down or folding on a big pot, please dont try to bluff him.
  You should also not try to bluff a fish over and over again, well some guys have kind of a discipline, the truth is that they are actually more like a very bad reg then a random recreational player. Against total recreational players you should not be doing a lot of bluffs in a short sucession of hands.

  How to Bluff

   Yeah you waited for it! The fun part begins! 
   I'll try to describe a few lines that I have seen that work more often, and since I dont want it to be too long I'll only talk about river bluffs, considering the lines most often used by fish.

   The Turn and River Small Bets

  An exemple, let's say hero has any two cards and the board runs like Td8d2c5cKs. Hero is IP and decided not to cbet the flop, on the turn the fish villain made a small bet, something around 1/4 pot, hero calls, and on the river fish again bets 1/4 pot. Here in my experience if hero makes a sizeble raise, about pot, villain will fold over 80% of the time. When a fish takes this like of small bet on turn and river, he usually dont have anything decent. 
 A few notes: if the board gets really scary with lots of midle cards on it, or multiple draws come in, the spots turn horrible to bluff, on an A high board it usually works less often too.

   The OOP Float

   We all have donne that, we cbet the flop IP, fish calls, turn goes x/x, fish bets and we fold. What if we raise the river bet? When done in the right situation this play works really well. The right situation would be something like you have a guy who has a high VPIP (40%), low fold to flop bet (30%), high river bet frequency (50%), and somewhat high fold to river bet (50%). When those criteria match and the board isent really all that scary, like draws brick on the river, if the fish bets something like 1/4 to 1/2 pot a raise here will take the pot down super often. As for size make it something like his bet plus what was in the pot before his bet, this way you will need it to suceed 50% of the time to break even and it will suceed way more often than that.
    This line works well both in raised pots as well as in 3b pots, actually I have noticed that it usually works even better at 3b pots., in which case the river raise will more often than not be a shove, yes you will need some extra courage to fire those!

   Call, Call, Chek on wet Boards

   Lets say we have some kind of draw like an oesd. We bet the flop and get called, bet the turn and he calls again, if the river bricks it is an excellent oportunity to go for a third barrel. We need to talk about what we are making the villain fold out here, it is usually non pair hands, draws mostly, that beat us at the showdown. If we wanna fold busted draws then a small bet is enought, I like to make it about 1/3 pot, sometimes even 1/4. The price you get on the bluff is great and against a guy full of busted draws that has a tendency to fold at least some percentage of the time by the river this river bluff will be quite profitable.

   Final Thoughts

   Yes we can, and if we want to improve our winrate we should bluff some kind of fish, just dont go overboard with it and simple look for spots to do so, those are in the kind of plays that can quickly go from profitable to spew. Just the next time you are in a hand without a pair consider those bluffing lines as a valid option.

   Good luck at the tables,

   Willian "KhalDragon" Mates.


Thursday, 15 May 2014


   Yesterday was a great day to me! I saw an interview that I made to Nathan "BlackRain" Williams, published on his web site. Looks like ages when I bought his book Crushing the Micro Stakes and posted a lot on his forum. Just want to keep u guys update, you can see the interview here. Once again thank you Nathan for the oportunity to talk about my history.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

1-2 and Live Poker


     I had my first 1-2 session! I made it at a weekend, always a good idea to move up at weekends, and it felt really good. I found a decent amount of games as expected and regs play pretty much as they do at 0,5-1, found a few super nova elite (SNE) players, they are for sure sick grinders and a guy which a vip status this high pretty much always will have a deep understand of the game.

     That is the graph of this first session, pretty small I know, and also mixed with 0,5-1 games. Overall I like the shape and specially the fact that I still can have a positive blue line AND a positive (or at least break even) red line, that is key.


     For now I'll keep playing my regular game and see how it can perform at this new level.


   I played a live tournament yesterday. Not something that I plan to do on a regular basis, but definitely will do once in a while. 
   To be honest I was kind of surprised with the quality of some players, overall the player pool has a very poor understanting of the game, but at least two guys knew what they were doing, and that my frineds to a live enviroment is huge. It was very small, only 16 players, but 3 decent players in a field of 16 is something that draws attention, the majority of the players felt somewhere between fish and wanna be reg, but at least 4 players were really awfull.
   I always have fun when I play live, people like to discuss strategy, openly talk about their thoughts and the lines they like to use on each spot. I found those pieces of information incredibly usefull, not only in a particular live session, but also ,and even of more relevancy, as a way to better understand the thought process of some fish. That is something that hugely contributed to incress my profit at poker, this desire to better understand how fish think, why they play this game, why they use certain lines. Try to better understand fish and you will fry them like never before...

   Never Bluff The Fish

   We all know that, fish cant be bluffed. Is that true? Is it always -ev to try to bluff fish? I'll try to discuss this in deep on my next post, for now I'll let an interesting hand that I played recently.

Monday, 5 May 2014

So, I'm finally having a blog after all!

      Hello everyone!

      After a long time people have sugested me to make a blog. I relucted, mainly because I like to make my life private, never liked to show others what I'm planning to do, how much money I'm making, or who I'm dating.
      Some people have said that I'm starting to have an interesting history in regard of poker, so I decided to write down about it, my career so far and also my plans, projects, so u can follow me.
      First and foremost I'm Brazilian, so be used to see some english mistakes.
      I'm currently playing 0,5-1 on PokerStars. Have plaied a ton of hands on nl25 and nl50, and after a very good run at nl100 this next weekend I'm looking foward to test my skills at 1-2 for the very first time!
      I'm not going to post lots of graphs on this blog, but just for the curious guys out there I'll start posting two graphs, one of the beggining of the year, playing mainly nl50 and another from this April playing almost only nl100.



     Hope u are still with me! In the next few days I'll be posting some new informations about my poker career and also some articles about strategy, mainly what I think most small stakes regs are missing.

     Best Regards,

   Willian Mates